Abacadabra 96 Jumper Dress with Skull Clips (Jottum knockoff)

Jottum velvet suspender dress

Isn’t this Jottum dress gorgeous? I’ve never seen any Jottum in person, but I’ve pored over pictures on their web site and the many pins on Pinterest.  Fabulous, but pricy – some of their dresses can run up to $300.00. I set out to find a pattern that I could hack to make something similar.  After an extensive search, I found a pattern that is very close to this velvet suspender dress. It’s  pattern #96 from the Dutch pattern company Abacadabra.

abacadabra96patternAs you can see, it’s already got the suspender style straps with the vertical gathers on the skirt and rows of ruffles. I did grade it up in size a bit as the largest size in the pattern is 152. Other than that, I didn’t intentionally change anything since I planned to make a trial dress from basic black jersey before I attempted a velvet one.

As is typical with European patterns, the seam allowances are not included on the pattern pieces and the construction instructions are limited to text. I think I mixed up some of my ruffle pieces as it got confusing there, but I can live with that. I did have a hard time finding any non-boring suspender clips. Local shops only have one style: the basic silver ones. The Jottum dress also uses this style clip but my first version was going to be plain black so I wanted something a little different. I ended up ordering these cool skull clips online. The quality on the clips is a little rough, but my little goth-in-training’s eyes lit up when she saw them.

Changes that I will make for version 2: The pattern seems to run quite wide. I think I will re-trace it with the 152 width and just add some length.  I’d like to make the shoulder straps adjustable in length.  I left out the piping called for in the pattern, but will use it on V2, along with adding some ribbon and/or other embellishment.

Abacadabra 96 dress pattern.


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